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Community Service

Assisting others is an essential part of my life. I would not have the opportunities today had it not been for the hard work of others. I may not be able to repay them individually, but I can pay it forward and ensure that someone else is given an opportunity to live in a better world.


Whenever possible I like to volunteer throughout the city of New Haven, CT helping out programs such as:I.R.I.S, Habitat For Humanity, The United Way of Greater New Haven just to name a few.



Neckbones Photography LLC has supported various organizations this year and we are just getting started. Some of the organizations I have been blessed to assist thus far:


Helping Others Mend Souls(HOMS)

HOMS is an organization that feeds and clothes homeless people in the New Haven area. Mending Souls Movement.

Contact Info:

Phone: (203)507-3842

The ALS Association of Connecticut

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Connecticut Westchester Hudson Valley Chapter




North Branford Pizza War of 2016, proceeds from this event went to fund Senior Citizen programs and activities in North Branford


Naugatuck Youth Services (NYS) have several programs including afterschool, diversion programs for first time offenders, therapeutic horse back riding and wilderness school. NYS usually feed the kids when they come since most of them are from lower socioeconomic families.

Please check out their site for more information and to lend some much needed support.












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